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Queries : Random Forests

Hello All,I am building random forest on employee churn data where %events(churns) is 8%.Is there any upper cutoff on the number of trees  I mention in the RF command?Which accuracy metric should I use to compare one model to…Continue

Started by Raghu Chittari in Data Mining Software Jul 12.

Logistic Regression - General concepts

I am relatively new to predictive modeling techniques and would like to get a few concepts cleared/discussed. I am currently in the process of building a logistic regression model using Weight of Evidence (WOE) technique. Here follows some…Continue

Started by Sayantan Bhattacharya in General Technical Questions Jun 27.

Market Mix Models : Confidence in coefficients

In market mix models, my sales(y) depends on 4 promotions(p1--p4). Let (b11, b21, b31, b41 ) be the coefficients of p1--p4 in one iteration and (b12, b22, b32, b42 ) be the coefficients in the second iteration. I check the validity of the model…Continue

Tags: effects, model, random, attribution, mixed

Started by Raghu Chittari in Business Analytics Jun 19.

8 Great Data Science Resources 1 Reply

These articles from around the web, were hand-picked and listed this week on Data Science Central. Most are for beginners. In the coming weeks, we will post articles from rock star data scientists, more advanced or technical content, and other…Continue

Started by Vincent Granville in Data Mining Software. Last reply by Edith Ohri Jun 12.

Sources of data for Search Engine

Originally posted here. Let’s discuss search engines. We will mainly be focusing on various sources of data that you might have to fetch or be given to build a search…Continue

Tags: Learning, Machine

Started by Vivek Kalyanarangan in Business Analytics May 16.

Parallel Computing: Tutorial

Software is serial or sequential computer by default. So, it is meant to be run on a single computer having a single CPU.A problem is broken down into discrete modules/instructions. These instructions are then executed step by step. To exemplify, if…Continue

Started by Vivek Kalyanarangan in Data Mining Software Apr 8.

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