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Why does Google force you to see when your IP address is French?

Google thinks it can guess your language, but the reason I want to visit and not while in France (in vacation) is because I live in US and I'm used to, in English, to find and visit American sites on Google, and also to access Google news.

What if I don't understand French? And why does not have Google news?

The solution, for the user, consists in connecting to a proxy server, to trick Google into thinking that I am actually in US. Otherwise, Google will automatically redirect all calls to to if your IP address is French. Or is it a legal requirement (censorship) by the French government??

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Could be linked to legal issues. For instance, if you do a search on Google for ""or "lesoir", the most popular Belgian newspaper in French language, you will see that is not listed in the search results: it is indeed blacklisted by Google (you see Lesoir's Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, but NOT the main site,

This is a consequence of a Belgian press association suing Google for showing news from Belgian newspaper on Google news. Every newspaper in the world would be so happy to get this free traffic from Google, but not in Southern Belgium! Maybe this is related to  why "Google News"is not available on

You can definitively choose while in France by clicking on the button bottom right " in english" then you shall have the US english searches

Typing also in your browser should do



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