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Featured Blog Posts – November 2009 Archive (26)

SAIC has predictive analytics system ready for market

Engineering giant Scientific Applications International (SAIC) in McLean, Va, Friday told us it completed work on software that predicts failures in distribution and transmission systems days, weeks or months before they occur. Called Distribution Monitoring System, it is ready for release after nearly a year of research, said project lead Paul Halpin in an exclusive interview.

“Making predictions like this is a very, very hard problem and we've done some really smart things to solve… Continue

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Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010

I'm sure this is probably already old news here, but wanted to share a recent report from the Gartner Group. Advanced Analytics and Cloud Computing - the top two forecasted strategic technology trends.
How many organizations are not yet taking advantage of either or both of these technologies?

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Economists Seek to Fix a Defect in Data That Overstates the Nation's Vigor

by Louis Uchitelle

Monday, November 9, 2009

A widening gap between data and reality is distorting the government's picture of the country's economic health, overstating growth and productivity in ways that could affect the political debate on issues like trade, wages and job creation.

The shortcomings of the data-gathering system came through loud and clear here Friday and Saturday at a first-of-its-kind gathering of economists from academia and government determined… Continue

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Click Fraud Not Dead Yet

By Marc Poirier, Search Engine Watch, Sep 18, 2009

I've been concerned with click fraud since the beginning of PPC times. That is probably because I was one of the early victims of click fraud -- once with Overture, and again with the early Google AdWords. This was back in 2002 and 2003.

Since then, I haven't witnessed any serious instance of suspicious traffic coming from Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft. Obviously, that doesn't mean there's no problem, far from it. But I… Continue

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#25: Here's a thought...

An occasional series in which a review of recent posts on SmartData Collective reveals the following nuggets:

And the customer is...

A critical first step for your company is to develop your definition of a customer. Don't underestimate either the importance or the difficulty of this process. And don't assume it is simply a matter of semantics. Some of my consulting clients have indignantly told me: “We don't need to define it, everyone in our company knows exactly what a… Continue

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Ads That Reject The Click

By Kyle Johnson

Is online advertising a good vehicle for reaching brand advertising goals? Judged by their actions, more and more advertisers are voting “yes.” During the past several months, we’ve observed a gradual but decisive stride from an ambivalent stance toward a full embrace of online media as a branding tool.

This past week, we witnessed a Ford display campaign that to us represented a noteworthy waypoint in the development of online ads designed for branding… Continue

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