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Online advertising: invisible ads generating big revenue

Interesting article by Ted McConnel. It would be interesting to know what's the proportion of ad revenue is coming from "blank displays" or user clicking on a link by mistake. Here's the article:

This is the story of a blank display ad that notched twice the click-through rate of the average branding one.…


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Look at this chart to see if your salary is in the top 10 or top 15%.

Data scientists and analytic professionals usually command salaries well above average. Here's the detailed salary distribution in US. You can easily check your rank. Also, a breakdown per county is available.…


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How do data scientists rank?

Check the influencer list built by Gil Press, at As of 4/28, the top 10 are as follows:…


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New highway toll system poorly designed due to lack of analytic thinking

As of yesterday, a toll system is in place for drivers crossing the I-520 bridge, linking Seattle to Redmond, where the big Microsoft campus is located. It is claimed to be the most modern toll system in US, and drivers don't need to stop to cross the bridge, there's actually no toll booths, no human beings to process your payment.…


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Turbo Mapreduce

Turbo Mapreduce (Or How to Run Sawzall on 1 Terabyte of Text in 7 Seconds)

By Silvius Rus, on behalf of the Cluster Team at Quantcast

A few weeks ago I was talking to our CTO.  I was looking for wisdom on how to convince Java users to start programming in a new language.  We had just ported Sawzall, a highly productive mapreduce language from Google, to run on our proprietary Mapreduce cluster based loosely on Hadoop.  Even though Sawzall…


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Only One-Third of Companies Making Effective Use of Data

HOPKINTON, Mass., Dec. 5, 2011 -- EMC Corporation today unveiled the findings of the largest-ever global survey of the data science community. Spanning the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, India and China, the EMC Data Science Study reveals and quantifies a rampant scarcity across the globe for the prerequisite skills necessary for a company to capitalize on the opportunities found at the intersection of Big Data and data analytics. Only one-third of companies are…


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Misuse of statistics in court leads to wrongful conviction and death of Sally Clark

She conceived two sons in 1996 and 1997. Both died from infant death syndrome after one month. The statistical expert testifying in court said that the chance of such a rare event is one in 73 million. She was convicted of murder and imprisoned. Freed a few years later, her life was destroyed and later died of alcohol poisoning.

My rebuttal to the 1 in 73 million argument is as follows:

  • Even if "1 out of 73 million" was the correct probability, the fact that there are…

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Data scientist: The hot new gig in tech | CNN Money

I'd rather use the word data magician or data wizard, I think there's more craftsmanship than there is science involved, to "make the data talk". Anyway here's the article:


September 6, 2011: 5:00 AM ET

Companies that want to make sense of all their bits…


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Preserving metrics and scores consistency over time and across clients, when data sets change

Changes can come from muliple sources: definition of a visit or web site visitor is changed, resulting in visitor counts suddenly dropping or exploding. Internet log files change, for instance the full user agent string is no longer recorded, impacting traffic quality scores. Or one client has data fields that are not the same or only partially overlap with those from other clients.

How do you handle this issue?

The answer is simple: when a change in…


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Don't ever use the word Big Data - you could be sued!

I'm kidding. But see below public records from the USPT (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Isn't it unbelievable? Maybe next time someone will manage to trademark "big" and/or "data", separately. Or trademark all the numbers, and maybe not just integers or zip-codes, but all the real or complex numbers.

Of course, by granting such ridiculous trademarks (and rejecting good ones - I'll publish on this subject later if there is interest), USPT as well as patent lawyers lose all…


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The Analytic Divide

This is the divide between those with an analytical mind, and those without. 

Analytic People

  • Have further developed their talent by pursuing an analytic degree
  • Mostly, being analytic is a talent that you have or don't have, but not a set of skills that you learn
  • Manage their finance well, win more frequently on the stock market
  • Avoid losing schemes such as lotteries, casinos (unless they do it for fun, but not for…

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“Data Geeks” in Demand as Salaries Climb in 2011 | TIBCO

Data Mining Salary Up in 2011 300x300 photo (business intelligence) OK, so your company has taken a big step toward operating more efficiently by implementing a business intelligence (BI) solution—or it’s planning to install one in the near future. But if that’s the case then you’re probably also going to have to enlist the help of a new type of worker—a “data geek”—to make sense of all that BI data.



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New Startup in Predictive Analytics Market

Big data predictive analytics provider Alpine Data Labs secures large capital boost; enters U.S. market

Information Management Online, May 12, 2011 , Valerie Valentine

Alpine Data Labs May 12, 2011 - Big data predictive analytics developerAlpine Data Labs got a $7.5 million funding boost this week, at the same time as it announced entry to the market after 15 months of product development of the Big Data…


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Another cartoons about random numbers

Recently on his blog (here), Robin mentioned an amazing book, called "A Million Random Digits" published by RAND corporation. The book was initially published in 1955, but RAND published a nice (and expensive) second edition.

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What your state is the worst at – United States of shame | Flowingdata


In a survey of rankings from a variety of sources, Pleated Jeans maps the United States of Shame. Because all states must be bad at something. Go, California. If we're the worst at air pollution, does that mean we actually have…


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Why a Neurosurgeon became a LinkedIn Data Scientist (on

Ed. note: Data scientists have received a lot of …


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Programming languages, ranked by popularity

In a presentation to the Chicago R User Group last night, Drew Conway used his new…


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Analytics to help airports security checks

There is a great opportunity right now for analytic solutions providers to help TSA in their mission to make airport policies and security check significantly more efficient. It is about

  • Minimizing X-ray usage due to radiation exposure
  • Automatically identifying frequent fliers who are not…

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Be cautious about open source data mining software (by Anh Nguyen, Computerworld UK)

Businesses should not deploy open source software for data mining just because it is generally cheaper, an open source consultant has advised.

"Don't focus solely on cost savings," said Jos van Dongen, an associate and principal at business intelligence (BI) consultancy DeltIQ Group at the Predictive Analytics World conference in London yesterday.

"It [open source] could turn out more expensive because it could require specialised people and more work. Other benefits could… Continue

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10 analytic jobs that can performed remotely (from your home office)

Some of them require very serious skills to succeed, or being well known, and income is volatile. Feel free to add other jobs to my list.

  1. Independent statistical consultant (some travel involved)
  2. Statistical programmer…

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